Position Overview:

We are seeking a highly skilled and versatile Private Chef to cater to the culinary needs of a private family in Gstaad area. As the Private Chef, you will create exquisite meals for day-to-day dining, gourmet occasions, and large gatherings. This role also involves occasional service duties, driving, and coordination with other team members. The ideal candidate is experienced, flexible, and capable of delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Culinary Expertise:

Prepare a diverse range of meals, from daily dining to gourmet experiences, showcasing culinary creativity and mastery.

Tailor menus to meet dietary preferences, restrictions, and special requests.

2. Driving and Chauffeur Duties:

Drive as needed, including bringing kids to school, demonstrating safe and professional driving skills.

3. Allrounder Skills:

Utilize your versatility to assist with various tasks as needed within the household.

4. Animal Care:

Take care of the family's numerous animals (dogs, cats, horses), ensuring its well-being and comfort.


Extensive experience as a Private Chef in a private family setting, catering to diverse culinary needs.

Proficiency in gourmet cooking, daily meal preparation, and menu planning.

Service-oriented mindset, with the ability to manage informal-style service.

Previous experience in driving and chauffeur duties, demonstrating safety and professionalism.

Flexibility in working hours, including weekends, weekdays, and evenings.

Animal-friendly with the ability to care for pets.

Strong communication skills and the ability to work well within a team.

Our customer propose

Live-out arrangement, contributing to seamless daily operations.

Opportunity to work as a Private Chef in a prestigious and welcoming household.

Flexibility to contribute to various aspects of household management.

Long-term contract, fostering stability and growth.