Position Overview:

We are seeking an experienced and detail-oriented Private Housekeeper to join a prominent household in La Côte area. As the Private Housekeeper, you will contribute to the impeccable standards of the residence through meticulous housekeeping and laundry care. Collaboration with the team and proficiency in maintaining 5-star or UHNW cleanliness and laundry practices are key to success in this role.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Housekeeping Excellence:

Perform exceptional housekeeping duties, including bed making, luggage handling, and maintaining public spaces.

Ensure a clean, organized, and inviting environment while adhering to 5-star or UHNW standards.

2. Laundry Mastery:

Demonstrate expertise in handling 5-star or UHNW laundry tasks, including delicates, ironing, washing, and drying.

Maintain the utmost care and precision in handling high-end clothing and fabrics.

3. Team Coordination:

Collaborate seamlessly with a team of several members to ensure synchronized household operations.

Contribute positively to the overall harmony of the team.

4. Workload Distribution:

Allocate your time effectively, with approximately 70-50% dedicated to housekeeping and 30-50% to laundry tasks.


Strong experience as a Housekeeper in a 5-star or UHNW private family setting.

Proficiency in housekeeping tasks, including bed making, cleaning, and public space maintenance.

Extensive experience in 5-star or UHNW laundry care, encompassing delicates, ironing, and fabric care.

Effective coordination skills within a larger team.

Proficient in either English or French, with a good level of conversational communication.

Attention to detail, precision in handling delicate items, and the ability to uphold the highest cleanliness standards.

Our customer propose

Live-out arrangement, allowing for work-life balance.

Opportunity to work in a prestigious private household, contributing to its impeccable standards.

Immediate start, enabling you to make a positive impact on the household's operations.

Location based in the scenic La Côte area.