Position Overview:

We are seeking an adaptable and skilled Household Keeper/Allrounder Couple to manage various aspects of a prestigious 800 m2 chalet. As a couple, you will take on the roles of housekeeping, waiter, driver, gardener, cook, and allrounders to ensure the seamless operation of the household. This live-in position offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your versatility and contribute to a luxurious living environment.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Housekeeping and Service:

Provide impeccable housekeeping services, maintaining the chalet's elegance and cleanliness.

Serve the family with French-style elegance, demonstrating exceptional service skills.

2. Driving and Car Care:

Act as the designated driver, ensuring safe transportation and comfortable driving.

Maintain and care for the family's cars, including snow driving and general maintenance.

3. Gardening and Maintenance:

Oversee gardening duties, ensuring the grounds are well-kept and appealing.

Perform maintenance tasks and bricolage to uphold the chalet's excellent condition.

4. Culinary Skills:

Prepare delicious meals for the family, showcasing your culinary skills.

Serve meals with finesse and attention to detail.

5. Travel and Allrounder Duties:

Be prepared to travel to the South of France over the summer months.

Embrace allround responsibilities, including dog care, snow removal, and groceries.


Previous experience as a Household Keeper/Allrounder Couple is highly advantageous.

Proficiency in housekeeping, service, driving, gardening, maintenance, and cooking roles.

Ability to provide French-style elegance in both housekeeping and service.

Strong driving skills, including snow driving, and ability to maintain cars.

Culinary expertise to prepare meals for the family.

Flexibility and willingness to travel to the South of France over the summer.

Versatility in performing allround duties, including pet care and snow removal.

Our customer propose

Live-in arrangement, providing accommodation within the luxurious chalet.

Opportunity to showcase your diverse skill set and contribute to a prestigious household.

Immediate start, enabling you to embark on this multifaceted role without delay.

Competitive salary and benefits package, reflecting the scope of responsibilities.

Experience the satisfaction of maintaining a top-tier living environment.

Workload of 100%, offering a dynamic and fulfilling role.

If you are a dynamic and versatile Couple with experience in household management, housekeeping, driving, cooking, and various allround responsibilities, we encourage you to apply for this unique position. Join our team in providing exceptional service and maintaining the luxurious chalet while enjoying the satisfaction of contributing to a harmonious living environment.