Position Overview:

We are seeking an experienced and compassionate Live-In Caretaker to provide dedicated care and support for an elderly individual. The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining the well-being and routine of our elderly client, while also managing light housekeeping duties. This position entails occasional travel to various locations, including Geneva, Gstaad, and London, ensuring a comfortable and well-maintained environment for our client.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Elderly Care:

Follow the daily routine of the elderly person, including:

Offer companionship, engage in meaningful conversations, and provide emotional support.

2. Cooking Skills:

Prepare balanced and nutritious meals for lunch and dinner.

Follow dietary guidelines and preferences while ensuring appetizing and well-presented meals.

3. Housekeeping:

Perform light housekeeping duties, including making the bed and maintaining general cleanliness.

Ensure a tidy and organized living space for the client.

4. Travel Responsibilities:

Accompany the client during travels to various locations, including Geneva, Gstaad, and London.

Assist with packing, coordinating transportation, and ensuring a smooth travel experience.



Previous experience as a caretaker for elderly individuals is essential.

Basic cooking skills and the ability to prepare nutritious meals.

Familiarity with maintaining a routine and providing emotional support.

Light housekeeping experience, including bed-making and general cleaning.

Excellent communication skills in English (French is a plus).

Flexibility to travel and adapt to changing environments.

Compassionate, patient, and respectful demeanor.


Our customer propose

Live-in arrangement with private accommodation provided.

Salary inclusive of accommodation and food.

Possibility to take 2 consecutive weeks of holiday per year.

Long-term contract for stable employment.

Workload of 100%, including travel responsibilities.

Location and Start Date:

Position based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Start date as soon as possible, with no immediate rush.