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Personnel and job recruitment
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We specialize in mediating and leasing temporary employees throughout Switzerland and adhere to the various CBA’s (collective bargaining agreement)in various industries.
Within a few days we organize your requested labor at your workplace. Contracts, work permits, social insurances, employee accommodation are all organized by SDI Human Resources.
We possess the federal and cross-border mediation and staff lease license.
All contract terms will be determined based on a lease agreement between yourself as a company and SDI Human Resources.


We are actively looking for suitable candidates for your advertised job based on your job description. Here are a few keywords about our approach:

  • Initial evaluation of candidates and first interview by SDI Human Resources.

  • Obtaining of references and reporting.

  • Evaluation & assessment of the professional and personal abilities of the applicant, incl. reporting after our first job interview.

  • Upon request coordination of further interviews with you and an additional offer of a profile analysis of the applicants.


Would you like more information about our recruiting processes and our attractive terms and conditions?
We therefore look forward to meeting you.



You would like to outsource the entire recruiting process (for all jobs or even just for a single specific job)? We offer our service of recruiting from A to Z:


  • Development of job descriptions in cooperation with you

  • Creating candidate profiles

  • Advertisement texts and posting on requested online media / in printed media as well as proactive applicant search

  • Screening and analysis of candidate dossiers

  • First applicant interviews and obtaining references followed by reporting

  • Coordination of further interviews with your company

  • If desired assistance in the decision phase

Interested in one of these profiles? We will be happy to send you the entire dossier 

Executive Housekeeper

Chef de Cuisine  

Sous Chef
Chef de Partie
(Sprachen I/E)

Event Manager (Sprachen F/E)

Servicefach-angestellte  (languages I/E)

Femme de ménage (Teilzeit)

Bauarbeiter / Maurer

Kaufmännische Angestellte (Sprachen D/E/F/I)

Domestic Couple Houskeeping - Cooking - Mainteance 
(Sprache E